Thursday, 8 August 2013

100 POSTS! :D

Dear readers,

Today is a very special post! :D It’s my 100th post! Although updates have been slow and irregular I still made it! So for today’s post I would like to look back at the changes that have occurred since I first created this blog. I started this blog a little over three years ago, so there is definitely a lot to look back on.

A major thing that changed is that I was still together with my ex-boyfriend when I created this blog. About 3 months after the blog was created, however, we broke up and I fell in love with someone truly amazing. And as you all know, we got engaged pretty soon after that. I am still very grateful to have my fiancé by my side. Really, going out with him was one of the best decisions I have EVER made.

Another thing that changed is that I had just gotten my bachelor degree when I started this blog. As my dedicated readers know, I have now also completed a research master in Literary Studies and have made it through to my first year as an externally funded PhD student! :D I sometimes complain a bit about all the work I have to do for it (who doesn’t complain about their job once in a while?), but I am still greatly enjoying it! I am currently working on a chapter on detective fiction… I read Sherlock Holmes for research! I honestly believe it doesn’t get much better than this! Though I have to admit that I miss having a summer holiday T_T. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, I have created a tumblr account on which I post some stuff on what it is like to be a PhD student. Most of it is just me poking fun at myself, so it’s pretty exaggerated (again: being a PhD student isn’t all THAT bad). Here’s the link: 

Just after I created this blog I was accepted for an internship at the Athenaeum bookstore. This internship made it clear to me that editing is not for me… I am simply too slow of a reader. So partially thanks to doing the internship that I decided to go for a PhD instead. After the internship had ended I went to search for another job, and I ended up at WoningNet. I still love working there. My colleagues are simply awesome (everyone is sooooo nice!) and the company really looks after their employees. Last week when it was super hot, they had someone get lots of fruit for us, just to cool us down and make everything a bit more bearable. :D How awesome is that?! Also, although I have been hired as a call center agent, I have been mostly doing a lot of other tasks for the past year. So that really keeps things interesting.

Something that has not changed AT ALL is my love for Victorian literature, cutestuff and Disney! Well, it is good to have some constant factors in your life right? ;) Hahaha I honestly think that some people would believe the end of the world to be near if I suddenly stopped liking Disney or Victorian literature for that matter.

Anyway, I really want to thank all the readers that have stuck with me for such a long time! I really hope that I will be able to keep you interested in my blog. :D I will most definitely try!