Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Visiting anime convention Abunai!

Dear readers,

This Sunday my best friend and I went to an anime convention called Abunai! Those who have been following my blog will know that I have been going there for the past three years. This year, however, was my first time dressing up as an Elegant Gothic Lolita. For those of you who do not know what elegant gothic lolita is, please see my previous post on the topic I have had the dress and blouse for a very long time, but have only been able to wear the blouse in public once. It really isn't something you throw on and go to work in it... :D But I love it nonetheless.

Although Abunai always offers quite a range of activities, such as lectures, workshops etc. my friend and I decided just to check out the dealer room. ^__^" As such this blog post will mostly be a shopblog; sorry about that. :D But keep reading, as there will be a bit of a revalation at the end ;).

The first things I bought were a birthday calender and some coasters (sorry I don't have a picture of those at the moment) made by an art group named Ambaran, which is made up of three sisters. :) It looked really cute and I really wanted to support them to see how their art style will evolve.


Feel free to check out their website at

I then went on to pick up some items I had asked Marjet from Most Cutest to reserve for me. I now am the proud owner of every colour of glow in the dark lucky star paper she sells, plus the poppin cookin fast food and dodotto octopusballs soda set. Poppin cookin is one of those crazy, but awesome inventions of the Japanese. Basically poppin cookin sells all types of do it yourself candy making kits. Usually the texture of the candy will be gummy like. You create the candy by mixing powder with water. The dodotto octopusballs kit, is basically just a kit which allows you to make tiny gummy balls which taste like soda.

I have half a jar filled with these already and they really do glow in the dark! :D It's awesome!

:D I have been wanting to try these since forever! 
Feel free to look at her website

I also ended up buying some manga. I am currently very much into a manga from an Korean author and artist duo entitled Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries. So far, the manga is historically pretty accurate (though not as accurate as the manga Emma: A Victorian Romance. Check this out if you are a Victorianist and love comics! :D), although I think the author sometimes tries a bit too hard to place the story within a Victorian context. She for example had a couple of ladies say that they hoped for a marriage as happy as that between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The buy of the day, however, was without a doubt my Alpacasso! My mom had seen a picture of these plushies and asked me to buy her one... After getting her one and noticing the soft and cuddly wonderfulness, I could not resist buying one myself. Upon getting home, I allowed my mom to chose which one she wanted, so the one that was originally bought for her now belongs to me and vise versa :D.

(The one that is now mine is a alpacasso kid. Isn't it the cutest plush ever?!). 

(My mom's. This one is a bit bigger than mine but just as soft and cudly!)

Before going home my best friend and I both ended up buying a comic called Love! by Dark Dragon Books. This comic revolves around the story of a fox and does not have any written text in it. I was very impressed by the artwork and can't wait to actually sit down and have a good look at it.

Whilst walking around on the convention my best friend and I noticed that there were quite a few people who were cosplaying as Disney characters. My best friend and I are currently considering cosplaying as Rapunzel and Mother Gothel (which would be me) during the next Abunai. What do you guys think? :) Do or don't? 

(For those of you who have no idea what they look like... shame on you! :P ) 

Well that's all for now. Thank you for reading! :D