Thursday, 5 September 2013

Battling the kilos with Weight Watchers! :D

Dear readers,

As some of you might now, I have been battling the kilos for a while now. As weight loss is quite a hot topic lately, I thought I should share my experiences with you. Since I can imagine some people are just anxious to know if the diet works and would not care to read about my motivations for starting a diet, I have divided this post up in two sections. Feel free to jump to the second section if you are just interested in the program itself. And for those of you who really don’t give a hoot about diets: don’t worry, this is one of the two posts in total that I will post on this topic. The second post is of course going to be when I actually attain my goal. 

Why did I go on a diet?
Many of you may wonder: why did I want to lose weight? More importantly I was starting to feel really insecure about myself. I was pretty much whining to myself about not liking the fat on my back and that I started to outgrow my clothes (seeing that I am rather proud of my collection of cute, adorable and witty shirts, this was a pretty big issue for me). I was basically now stuck in between normal sizes and big girl sizes. One day I was getting really sick of my own whining (which I mostly did to myself, so most of you will not have known that it was an issue at all lol), I looked it to diets picked one and signed myself up for Weight Watchers. Although I have a tendency to grow a little impatient with people who complain about something which they can easily change, with myself I absolutely have 0 tolerance for this hahaha. (Please note that I don’t mean that losing weight is easy for everyone! Some people really struggle to lose weight and still only lose a few pounds. 

Ever since I started studying (which is now about 7 years ago) I started to gain weight. When I started at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, which is a University College, I weight 68 kg. When I started Weightwatchers I had gained 13 kilos (over 6 years); I weighted 81 kg! So yes, time for a drastic change. I decided that I wanted to lose 12 kilos, which would put me on my healthy weight (my height is 169 so I should weigh 69 kg) and a healthy BMI. 

Why not aim even lower and be all nice and skinny? One word: HIPS! I have naturally wide hips (those are bone, not fat), so if I loose too much weight, I will end up like this (but without the sexy vibe):

(All credit to Amy Mebberson for this awesome artwork!) 

Although this might look cute (and awesome!) on the artwork, in real life we would call this disproportionate lol.
Ok, so does Weight Watchers actually work? 

I would say; definitely. It has been about 3,5 months since I joined Weight Watchers community. I decided to only follow the online program as I do not have the time to attend the meetings. Plus I believe I don’t really need the support of a coach; I am pretty confident I can do this on my own. The online subscription allows you to log into the website and keep track of what you eat and drink as well as how much exercise you are getting. 

The program is very straight forward. When you get started you are asked to enter your weight, height and age online. Based on this information the system will determine how many propoints you are allowed to eat each day. Using the handy (and very easy to navigate) online logbook, you can keep track of everything you eat and can check the number of points the things you eat and drink are. So you really need to keep an eye on what you eat (but don’t worry, at a certain point you will just know by heart how many points some of the food and drinks are). Next to your day points you also get 49 week points. You can use these week points for the times when you want to go out to dinner with your boyfriend or family, you have been craving for fries so long that you dream about them (thankfully that hasn’t happened to me yet), or even go on a holiday (try finding a healthy, low calorie breakfast in England… nope the local pub doesn’t do those!) etc. You are allowed to actually use up all of your week points, though I would advise everyone to avoid using too much of them. 

The activities that you do might award you active propoints; you are encouraged to eat 50 to 75% of the active points which you have earned. In order to track how much walking I do when I for example go to work, I bought a weightwatchers pedometer. This nifty little device will tell you if you have taken enough steps to earn one or more propoints. It’s really awesome. 

Although I had to give up on eating cheese sandwiches and drinking lots of milk (apparently there’s a lot of sugar in milk o.o) the program has been really easy to follow and to uphold. Especially since you can sometimes just use some of your week points and eat a piece of pizza or some fries without having the urge to kill yourself (you will often still lose weight if you just stick to your day points on the other days! :D). It’s good to note here that Weight watchers is definitely not a crash diet, but an actual change in your lifestyle. So if you, like me, have the tendency to put on weight easily, this is definitely the diet for you as you can also still follow the program to keep your weight balanced. 

The only problem that I have had so far is that I have not been able to find the time to actually do some sports. Whenever I have some spare time (:O THE HOLY GRAIL!) I am usually so exhausted that I simply can’t do anything at all. Example of how it usually goes: I had actually planned to start swimming once a week as per this week… and then my teacher gave me a two week deadline in which I need to finish a large part of a chapter and told me I had to teach class once a week (needless to say, panic ensued). 

However, even without going to the gym or swimming I have been able to lose 7 kilos already! Today the scales indicated that I weigh exactly 74 kilos! :D Whoot! So Weight Watchers also works if you have one heck of a busy life and don’t get that much exercise! Would it have gone faster if I had exercised? Undoubtedly. However, I believe it is pretty amazing that I have already lost over half the weight which I accumulated over six years(!) within 3,5 months! So yes Weight Watchers definitely works! :D

So now I just have 5 more kilos to go. It would be totally awesome if I could get those off before Christmas! 

Are you trying to lose weight and would you like to share your experiences with me? Then please leave a comment. I always read and reply to them :D. I will also be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the weight watchers program.